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Have you seen the wide-eyed wonder, and drank it in?

the excitement over hailstones the size of a ball,

its infectious


some days we forget


but the small stuff matters

little minds

need filling

so today I look at the simple

the mundane

and celebrate it

in wide-eyed wonder


She stands looking at me waiting for my answer, its been a long line of questions today, most of which I’ve failed miserably in giving a truthful answer that she can understand.


Little minds jump from subject to subject as quick as a flash! just as I’ve read up enough on why crows are black, and why is the sky blue, she’s moved on! I can’t keep up.


I swear she knows way more than me, and it’s really her entertainment to see me squirm for the correct answer.


But she’s doing what children do best, shes making me look at the small things, understand I don’t know as much as I think, and strive to do better.


Children make us better people.

We try to teach them to be kind, help people, be a good person.

And in turn it reminds us that we are not always the best we could be.



So next time when her little han d reaches for mine and she’s asked me why?

for the twentieth time, I will take a deep breath and I will give the best answer I can muster!


Amélie is a 21″ Natural fiber art doll,

Her features have been firmly needle felted, and defined with cotton stitching. her eyes have been embroidered with french silk thread.

Pigmented beeswax is used to blush and define her facial features.

I use lovely clean wool which has been processed in Nepal through a woman empowerment collective. (they make some amazing dolls themselves and many wool related products).

Amélie’s neck is armature so can be lightly posed for a more realistic stance.

She has little ears🙂 a bottom and a wee belly button. knobbly knees and pointy elbows !

Her hair is wefted mohair, crocheted into a mohair yarn cap. Her hair can be brushed and styled just like real hair.

She wears

  • A mohair crocheted hair net ( virus shawl pattern, its pretty awesome)
  • European double gauze dress with Vintage hand-made buttons (it took a lot for me to part with these buttons, I bought them over a year ago from a vintage button shop, there were only four and each one is different). the dress also has very cute butterfly sleeves made from vintage embroidered fabric.
  • Paper flowers for her hair
  • Her under-skirt is made using indian hand printed cotton from the fabulous Merchant and mills in Rye.
  • A knitted mohair long cardigan (not pictured, but will add a pic asap!)
  • She has grey cotton socks, and hot pink felt boots! because, well who doesn’t love hot pink boots!?
  • Of course she has underwear !

Each MPV doll comes with their own dust bag, and a cute little repair kit!

Her fee is $1100 ex postage which can be as little as $30 depending which method you choose.

If you think you have the answers to Amélie’s many, many questions please contact me at or PM me through my Facebook page. I will keep offers open until tomorrow and then if there is more than one offer I will pull a name randomly from a hat.

Good luck!

Eloise xoxoxoxox







Looking for a place to call home

JPEG image-101C158BF160-1

As the sun slowly drifted off to bed the girls looked longing out of their dorm window…

Not today….

Grace, Emmie and Georgia were waiting for a new family, for some reason or another they had found themselves without somewhere to call home.

But they had found each other, and they loved each other fiercely. they had become their own family.

IMG_4322 2

Grace was highly organised, and some might say a little bossy! but the two others needed a friendly push to get themselves out the door in the mornings.

IMG_4320 2

Georgia, dear, dear Georgia, the worrier. She thinks they will never find families, or worse still, the other girls will, and leave her behind!.

As much as she would love a family of her own, she loves her sisters and they have such fun!, every night is like a sleepover with her best friends.

IMG_4314 2

Emmie loves the outdoors especially the forest, she would spend every single day there if she could. Climbing trees, Paddling in the stream….

It was her idea to sneak out one night many months ago, the girls couldn’t sleep and decided they would go to the fort and tell each other stories.

Their fort was just above the stream which ran down the back of the property, this was by far their favourite spot.

IMG_4324 2

The girls would spend hours talking about their dream Families.


Grace wanted to be an only child and to be spoilt rotten! She dreamed her mum was funny, intelligent and above all strong!.. she was not sure if she wanted a dad, he would have to be very kind and read her books lots and lots!

IMG_4325 2

JPEG image-EDE426CCCE77-1

Emmie, well she wanted a family that lived in a caravan, always on the move . She wanted to see so much of the world. She thinks it would be fun to have three sisters and four brothers, and that they would all squeeze into the one big bed at night, where their Mum and Dad would tell them wild stories of their great adventures before they had soooooo many children.

JPEG image-C3940181545F-1

Georgia, well she changes her mind often, which to be honest is not unlike her. Some days she wanted a big family, some days small. Then she Quite liked the idea of two mummies, but then decided that two daddies would be so much fun too!. Today she decided that any type of family that loved her and made her feel safe would be the perfect one for her.

IMG_4319 2

Adoption day was growing ever closer.

The girls were beside themselves with worry, excitement, you name it they felt it!


Although they deeply wanted to start their new lives, they loved each other so much, the thought of not living together was so sad. It was of course quite possible that one family might be able to take two or more of them, grace was not too sure she would like to share though!.Either way they knew each other, where ever they ended up would come and visit.

the girls scrambled to the window peering out as the cars rolled into the gravel drive way…here they were!

JPEG image-101C158BF160-1

If you would like to adopt one of the girls please send me a message at or message me via my Facebook page.

I will leave offers open for 24 hours, if at that point I have more than one offer I will pluck a name from a hat.

You are welcome to offer homes to more than one girl, however if your name is picked more than once you must be prepared to take each doll. (its crazy but it happens!)

I will let each new family know asap. Thank you so much for considering these girls for your family, you will not regret it!



JPEG image-669669D0DBBB-1

Grace is 18 inches tall with the most amazing crazy curly hair (mohair weft)

Her face is needle felted, and covered in Cotton Tricot. I’ve used pigmented beeswax to blush her cheeks. her limbs and body are firmly stuffed, and her neck has armature so can be gently manipulated into various poses.

  • She wears a hand dyed wool shawl (winterludes pattern)
  • Cotton dress with snap fastening
  • Bamboo muslin underskirt
  • Upcyled woolen socks
  • Wool lined denim boots
  • Cotton panties
  • Jersey headband

Her adoption fee is $850 ex postage which normally starts at $60 international depending on the method chosen.


Enlight 2

Emmie is 18 inches tall, with a lovely blonde mohair weft.

Her face is needle felted, and covered in Cotton Tricot. I’ve used pigmented beeswax to blush her cheeks. her limbs and body are firmly stuffed, and her neck has armature so can be gently manipulated into various poses.

  • She wears a woolen lace scarf
  • A beautiful pink wool dress with lace detail
  • Linen underskirt
  • Wool and leather boots
  • Cotton panties
  • Silk headscarf

Her adoption fee is $850 ex postage which normally starts at $60 international depending on the method chosen.


JPEG image-AC3468C72CB4-1

Georgia is 18 inches tall, and her hair is made from the most wonderfully soft mohair locks.

Her face is needle felted, and covered in Cotton Tricot. I’ve used pigmented beeswax to blush her cheeks. her limbs and body are firmly stuffed, and her neck has armature so can be gently manipulated into various poses.

  • She wears an olive green cotton lace shawl,
  • Wool knitted hat with pom poms
  • Cotton dress with snap fastenings, and velvet ribbon trim
  • Linen underskirt
  • Wool and pincord boots with leather detail
  • Cotton panties

Her adoption fee is $880 ex postage which normally starts at $60 international depending on the method chosen.


JPEG image-A626A3E85383-1










Niamh, redheads in pink!


Hello hello! It’s been so long since I posted on my blog (embarrassed face) 

In all honesty I have written several posts, but for some reason or another I’ve not made them public.

I made a wonderful brother and sister set…..but everything I wanted to write about this duo fell short and my words felt empty. I still have my many many drafts so hopefully soon I find my voice where it comes to these two!

And then there was Connie , I’m actually half way through telling you about her , but Niamh literally burst through the door and wouldn’t let me stop until she was finished so has taken every free second I have!

So here she is! All 21 inches of loveliness !

I adore the process of creating, I actually seem to have a little love affair with each new doll I make. I begin with a vague idea of what she will be become,  This of course is always the hardest part so I normally start with their heads. This stage is so exciting!

We then go through a rough patch, one of self doubt and frustration. I spend hours lamenting on my lack of skill etc etc. I get frustrated that what I imagined is not quite what is in fount of me. 

I then normally take a little break, like a few days🙂 I keep walking into my studio and staring at her…trying to figure her out. Then I realise that she is totally the way she is supposed to be. Then I start to fall in love with the slightly off centre grin…..her slightly bigger than normal nose…and I come to realise these are her best qualities !

And that’s it , I’m in love and I feverishly work on getting her complete and showing her off , because to me she’s perfect❤

Niamh is 21″ tall, which sounds crazy large I know , but because my pattern is fairly lithe she really seems very petite.

I’ve used Angora weft for her hamazing hair , which I then dyed myself to archive this wonderful rich auburn, having dyed the hair I had to scarificice a little of the softness as this is lost in the process, but I think this colour was totally worth it!

I use dewitt tricot to cover her with as I adore the fine texture it creates, her face is then blushed with pigmented beeswax and just the right amount of  freckles . Her face is sculpted using needlefelted wool, her neck as alway is amiture, giving you freedom to pose her head realistically .

I made her a few outfits before I found her perfect style, and I just love redheads in pink!

So she wears , a cotton jersey shirt which snap fastens at the back.

 A lace knit shawl with leaf pattern border and a little flower fastener.

Hand dyed bamboo muslin underskirt with French velvet trim.

Washed denim jersey under skirt with velvet waistband.

Her boots are made with Corresponding velvet 

She of course also has underwear;)

Oh and her hat! How could I forget her wool pom-poms hat!

I also have a second outfit which will be avalible to purchase if you so wish.

Her fee is $1100 usd ex postage. 

Postage international ranges from $60 to $110 depending on what method you choose.

If you feel that you would like to offer my darling Niamh a home please email me at or contact me via my fb page. I will keep offers open for 24 hours and then if more than one family wishes to have her I will randomly pull a name from a hat!

Thank you so much for reading❤ Niamh will be my last sculpted doll for a wee while as I head over to England in August to catch up with family and probably do a shop!!!!!! Oh those beautiful European fabrics and notions!
Eloise xoxox 

Time to play!

I’ve been making Dolls as my main profession for over four years now,. There have been many changes in my work, the most recent being the introduction of more defined features with needle felting. I’ve loved the journey and adore creating little faces.
I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to make Doll’s and people actually want them! 

Anyhow, I’ve decided to reflect on my work and am releasing a classic play doll collection. These dolls will differ from my sculpted dolls and will be offered at a different price point. 

The dolls will have a more traditional Waldorf head but still with my signature look, hair will be either weft or yarn, and clothing will be simple but elegant.

The purchaser will then have the opportunity to request further clothing from a pre-made selection, if that suits their budget.

These dolls will not be offered as customs and will only be available as ready to go creations🙂.

I will, of course, still be creating my sculpted dolls and these will still constitute my main body of work. I’m hoping that this collection will mean that my dolls are able to be welcomed in to more families and into tiny loving arms. 

Darling Gwynn will be available via my  Store Tomorrow at 7.30 pm New York time.

I hope you all as excited about her as I am❤



This is Rosie, she’s very special.



Well she’s special to me, as she marks such a triumph. She came about through many weeks of sewing, and stuffing, and rolling and felting….just like many of my dolls…but with Rosie’s encouragement, we finally got there!




I’ve wanted to make a doll with moveable limbs for such a long time, about the time  I started making the doodle dolls. But it is a luxury to be able to use your time for personal development and I’ve been so busy creating these little beings that it was always pushed to one side.


Rosie 7


I will have to say the process was hard, I knew exactly what I needed to do in principe, but actually being able to make it work was something different entirely!




I will admit i made poor Rosie blush with my frustration (and a few choice words). Rolling limbs is not for the faint hearted , let alone with added armature. But I am over the moon that I stuck with it.


I guess I’m going to describe her as semi armature as I still wanted the rag doll flop (as I call it) i didn’t want her to become less cuddly, and feel stiff.

So she maintained the soft joints of my dolls at the tops of the legs and arms, but with the added bonus of being able to bend her knees and elbows, just like her neck (my dolls have armature necks for over a year)

The next three photos demonstrate what a slight movement to the head can do to convey the personality of a doll.





Just little movements, but they make such a difference I believe .




So now wonderful Rosie can sit on a chair! and stand with her hands on her hips! lol (just like another little girl I know)

Rosie 5

When it came to making clothes for Rosie I just couldn’t help myself! I had just bought the Winterludes shawl pattern, and was itching to give it a go! I think it turned out wonderful.



Rosie chatted away, stipulating she would need this and that…. and what if they went walking in the country!? she would surely need a warm coat. and what if the sun came out? well a nice linen jumper would be just perfect. So you see I didn’t really stand a chance.


Rosie is 20′ high and as stated it semi posable, her body has been needlefelted as has her face. And she had the cutest knees!

She comes with a wonderful selection of clothing that any dolly would be envious of!

  • 100% wool  hand knitted beret.
  • 100% wool hand knitted shawl (pattern by Winderludes doll) with wooden pin for securing.
  • merchant and mills linen jumper dress, with leather and button detail.
  • cotton underskirt with hand dyed vintage lace.
  • cotton t-shirt hand dyed.
  • velvet pants.
  • mohair ballet top hand knitted.
  • fully lined pin cord swing coat, with leather and buckle fastening.
  • repurposed wooden socks.
  • felted woven wool boots.
  • Cotton briefs.


Due to Rosie’s complexity and uniqueness her fee is $1450 U.S Which will be approx $60 for international.

If you feel that Rosie would be welcome in your home please let me know at

This listing will be live for 24 hours once published and if more than one family wish to own Rosie I will pick a name from a hat.

Thank you and good luck!






Cecily has no brothers or sisters to play with, but it’s ok she’s good at making her own fun.Her imagination was made all that little bit wilder by her solitude.

Whole kingdoms and worlds have been built in our garden, and along the main corridor to Cecily’s bedroom. Princes have been saved from the terrible dragon by the strong and noble princess. Babies are looked after, and put to bed ( if only in reality they went to sleep as quick)

In fact Cecily’s imagination was such, that she became so deeply engrossed in her realities that sometimes she forgots whatis in actual fact real.
Poor love has been curled up on my lap bawling her eyes out over some monster, or bad fairy which might get her in the darkness of her room…

At one point it looked like Blackpool illuminations in her room at night. We had the fairy lights above her bed, then the side lamp on, also the hallway lights and then a small lamp beside the door, just in case.
I tried so hard to explain that these things she dreamt up were not real and that she was safe and nothing was going to hurt her. But she just looked at me with big eyes, bottom lip out…so I just hugged her instead.

Her nighttime dreams were just as vivid, the amazing fantastical tales she tells me at 2am when her shouts had woken me. Not all were bad, In fact some were so wonderful I was jealous that mine were so dull! 
So maybe she will end up with sisters, or brothers, or both? I hope so…but if not I know that she has plenty of friends to play with in that little head of hers and she will be just fine.

 I also know how extraordinary she is and will be, her mind will grow and blossom and I can’t wait to see where she ends up x
If you think you can keep the night terrors away from Cecily’s door and can cope with the odd sleepless night then please send an email to ***entries are now now closed***
Cecily comes dressed in 

  • A bamboo jersey top with button and snap fastenings at the back,
  • linen bubble pants with cashmere leg and waist bands,and pockets with silk trim.
  • Jersey and velvet knickers, 
  • Hand knitted wool shawl, 
  • Wool boots with cotton trim and leather tassel detail.

She is made with pure New Zealand wool and cotton tricot. Her features have been carefully sculpted using dry needle felting and stitching. Her embroidered eyes are French silk thread in a dark steel grey.

Pure pigmented beeswax has been used to blush her cheeks and lips ( some will be enclosed in her first aid kit for reapplication if needed).

Her neck can be gently moved as it has an internal armature structure, I love how a slight angle of the head can change the mood of a doll in a second, such fun to play around with.

Her hair is hand wefted mohair locks that have been crocheted into a cap and then sewn onto the head. You can finger comb the hair and style gently.

Cecily is approximately 20″ tall and costs $1100 U.s. Postage international is approximately $90 depending on the method chosen , domestic within Australia is about $30.

***entries are now closed***

If more than one person offers Cecily a home I will draw a name from a hat the good old fashioned way🙂 please email me at if you are interested. Entries will be kept open for 24 hours and then I will email the lucky family🙂.
I say this often and I hope my sincerity comes across, but I am thankful everyday to everyone who comments, likes, shares, and of course buys my work. Many many hours of love and hard work goes in to each creation and it amazes me each day that you make it possible for me to do what I do. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx





As I’ve said before I get a kick out of custom work🙂 it helps feed my imagination and sends me down paths I had not thought (or was too scared to go) I find if I’ve not done a custom in a while my work can border on safe (well for me anyway😉

As an artist my main passion is trying to push boundaries, I mean I know that in the ‘art’ world my humble dollies are not going to be setting the world on fire and I’m not doing anything groundbreaking ! But for me the thrill of pushing myself and being able to actualize my visualization is immensely satisfying.


When my customer asked for an Asian doll I was a little nervous, I knew straight off I didn’t want to produce a generic Asian looking doll. The Asian continent has such a diverse culture. Each country within Asia looks as different as the Europeans do to each other. I mean if I said to someone create an American doll….. ! Gosh that could look like anyone!

So I wanted to focus on one country and try and encapsulate them in my little doll. We chose Japan.

My customer and I agreed to stay away from traditional dress (thank goodness! Not only can it look really twee …. Can you imagine making a mini kimono! )

I took my inspiration with my choice of fabrics from the rich Japanese paintings of deep fuchsia and teal.

Her skin is kept purposely pale (it’s amazing how fair Japanese skin can be) as I wanted to nod towards the geisha. 
Now the eyes were so difficult to get right. Japanese people especially women have the most amazing eyes ! Like almonds and so big! (I spent many an hour looking at some pretty amazing looking people on google lol). 
Anyhow here’s a little story I wrote with Nori I hope you enjoy it❤.


Nori would sit patiently on the window looking out over her neighbors gardens. Mrs. Habi next door who’s pond was full of toads, they would croak and creek all night! Mrs. Habi told everyone that they were a plage! And she didn’t know how to start getting rid of them. But Nori knew her secret, like she knew many of her neighbors. Mrs. Habi would creep out late in the evening and chat to her friends in the pond. She would talk to them like family for hours, she would feed them and sometimes sing along to their songs. Nori would not tell a soul. She liked seeing Mrs. Habi happy.

Behind lived the Coats family, they had the most amazing garden. The kids made Dens and played space ship alien tree (that was their favorite ) Nori wished someday when she was not as shy and could yell “hey there ! Hi! I’m up here! I think you guys are great , I’d love to play in your garden with you!?” But she never did.
She found that she had this special skill of keeping completely still, so still no one saw her. First a few ants would busily crawl over her hands and feet without a bye nor leave. But then bigger and more timid animals and birds would use her shoulder as they would a branch. She saw such beauty from her little spot high above the others…… day she might say hi, one day.