My doll making process

I’m a perfectionist.

There I said it, it’s out there!

I’m sure my husband thinks I’m mad, I come down from the studio and shove two stuffed arms in front of him ” do these look exactly the same to you??” I question….
He looks and says ” they look exactly the same to me”
I say ok, and proceed to remake them, because I’m convinced they are slightly out. Because if I’d left it I don’t think I’d sleep that night…..

I’m also obsessed.

I make each doll one at a time from start to finish, this is probably not the most time efficient way but I find I can only dedicate myself to one personality at a time!

Each doll is unique, and develops her/his own personality in the process. I might decide to give her slightly fatter ankles than normal which in turn makes her slightly shy to wear pretty dresses. Sometimes an ear might be slightly wonky but i’ll leave it, because sometimes imperfections are perfect.
When shes finally assembled she sits on my table and talks about what she loves, what she wants to do and see……..I then make her clothes, which can go through the same process as the body. Some dolls have been known to get three dresses before finding the one!
I might try various hats, shawls or scarfs while she sits patiently watching me, until finally she’s perfect, brimming with excitement about the new life that awaits her.

That’s my process, and I enjoy every single nano second of it!

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