The hunters of Nilgiri mountain

sunny14sm  sunny2 sunny3 sunny13 ms msss mela

Lifting their legs high through the tall grass they could see their prey, 
Mela clasped her hand over her mouth as an excited giggle threatened.

Sunny sprang, with his net cutting the air.

"Hurry Mela! I've caught one! "

Sunny cradled the small flapping butterfly in his net. He was very careful 
as he lowered it into the jar. 

"Mela don't let it escape!"

Mela put the jar on the ground and they both lay down on their tummies to get a better look. 
Mela could see sunny's distorted face through the jar as the butterfly crashed into its sides.......and she watched for a while.........

This is not as much fun as I thought it would be, she realised. Poor little thing......

"Sunny, I dont like it, can we let her go now. Please?"

"Sunny looked up from the jar and grinned, he had been thinking the exact same thing.

"yes let's !"

Sunny carefully opened the lid, and out she flew!
Both children looked after the butterfly as she enjoyed her freedom.

"They are so much prettier flying around Sunny! Lets not catch anymore."

"No Mela lets not,....anyway I've got a much better about I catch....YOU!"

And with that the pair jumped up, Mela skwealing as her brother chased her in circles with his net.

They decided they weren't very good hunters after all.

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