Busy lady

Well I do hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, I know I did!
Christmas in the heat, is still,after ten years here quite alien to me! I have been know to turn up the air con on a 35 degree day and make everyone sit down to turkey and trimmings! But not this year…..We went bush! Camping by the sea, which was great. Eight adults and three children ate, hiked and swam. We saw wombats, deer, wallabies and a few snakes and spiders! Eeekkk!
So this year I embraced the Aussie Christmas, and enjoyed it for its difference, and I only longed for the crisp snow and dark afternoons a few times……..
The end of this year and the beginning of a new one brings a busy time for me 🙂 I have three customs to complete plus a few pips from past promises 🙂 and maybe just maybe, if I can squeeze it in, a RTG girl for the beginning of Feb?! So wish me luck and think of me as I sew into the wee hours.





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