The runaways






They came to town with their fire and flying and tripping and laughter. Daring and amazement filled their heads, the excitement was too much to bear.

As quickly as they came, they left, leaving behind only the imprint on the grass of where they once had been.
The circus! Bendigo and Theodore had never before fell so deeply and hopelessly in love.

Bendigo saw herself flying through the smoke and screams of the spectators, daringly swinging……Lillian, The amazing Lillian Leitzel she whispered under her breath as she fell to sleep that night.

Theodore had big feet and long legs, he always knew he was a little odd looking, but when he saw those clowns! He resolved that that, was his destiny, that was what he was going to be. Otto, emmet, Felix and Lou that’s who he dreamed to be.
For weeks after they left town Theo carried around his ballon, even though it was now deflated he still dragged it everywhere he couldn’t bear to be parted from it.
Bendigo had now nearly broken her arm three times falling from various high spots ( or trapeze ) around the garden.
The circus was all they could think about.
Two weeks had passed. Two weeks of longing, two weeks of clown costumes, tutus and sequins and two weeks of dirt……it was time their mum said, time to pack their costumes away and forgot about Otto, Emmet, Felix, Lou and of course the amazing Lillian! feeling a sense of over whelming panic, how could this be?, how could she so easily carry on with normal life now that the circus had been to town.
And that’s when they decided, they had to follow, there was no other choice.
The circus was calling them.




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