Bridgette….the doll that time built


IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1696 IMG_1697 IMG_1698 IMG_1699

Bridgette is dear to me……She has lived in my head for many years.

She has waited very patiently for me, whispered encouragement throughout.

If for some unknown reason, I stitched a dolly’s legs in back to front (this happens far more often than it should!)

She was there, saying, “Keep going just unpick it, it wont take long”.

IMG_1700 IMG_1702

When I was sick or up late with my baby, and I was just so tired, she told me it was ok to rest,

That she would be here when I was ready.


I look at Bridgette and she is everything I had hoped she would be.

As a doll maker I am often plagued with insecurities about my work

Will people love them? Will they be happy? And with my early work … will her head stay on!?

I know my spelling is sometimes poor, and I don’t always get my pictures just right 🙂

but I’m learning and I love every second of it.

I’ve come so far from those early days of pattern making, again and again! I still tweak my pattern here and there.

But I am at peace with my work

My dreams are coming to life,

So please if you would like to have Bridgette, know how special she is to my Journey and me.


You will find Bridgettes Listing here


4 thoughts on “Bridgette….the doll that time built

  1. Jenny says:

    She is beautiful Eloise and those dollmaker insecurities,I still get them. Try to think of them as pre-performance nerves, like an actor before a big show. They usually mean you have done something wonderful, you have exposed a part of your soul through your work.

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