I found these two……..

They wont say where they came from, nor do they seem bothered to not be there.

They tell me their names are Rory and Agatha, although I suspect these are their ‘english’ names as they chatter away to each other in what can only be discribed as gibberish. 


I found them when I heard some very excitable shouting around my newly fruited Mushroom Log.

It seems its their thing!

From what I can gather is, they collect Mushrooms. Agatha is blessed with wings, so flys to spot any “shrooms” as she refres to them. while Rory (dont mention his inability to fly, as he can become quite upset, and Agatha is no help as she just blows raspberries at him) collects and cataloges.

They tell me that they wont be staying long as the mushrooms are almost all gone and theres work to be done elsewhere!




Its amazing what you can find amoungts the mushrooms.







Rory and Agatha are heading to the damper climes of the UK (I’m told the shrooming is much better there!)

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