Taste the sea

Can you smell the wind she asked me………I lifted my face and breathed in deeply, salty and sweet….the ocean she whispered.

Elka the steadfast , a girl of the land…….who longed for the sea.
For as long as I’ve known her she would often disappear, I don’t mean physically I mean she just went elsewhere. I’ve found her in the fields,so still, her eyes open, but she was gone…….peace on her face.



I knew she would eventually follow the waves, their roar was too loud. It deafened her, and distracted her from us.



So when I woke that crisp bright morning and called her name, I was not surprised that the silence answered. I just smiled, lifted my face and tasted the sea.


4 thoughts on “Taste the sea

  1. Kristin Ellermann says:

    The rhythmic waves crash within me as if they were my very breath. They drowned out the voices. The sound of solace. The place sorrows never finds.
    Refuge. Home. Stopping place. Answer the call sweet one. Always answer the call.

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