Lovely Crow

I really just didn’t know what to do with Crow…..she is such a unique soul πŸ™‚ all my options just didn’t seem to fit….first I was going to upload randomly, then auction…..then first to comment…but as I said they just didn’t seem like the right thing for Crow……So I decided to do mmao πŸ™‚ it’s not something I’ve done before and I’m not sure I will use it again…but to me it seems to fit Crows uniqueness :).
If you would like to offer Crow a home please comment with your offer on this post. My settings are set to private so your comment will not be seen.
I will post the offers and the end so please specify if you would like to be kept anonymous πŸ™‚ the highest offer will claim crow. Thank you all for opening your homes to my pips! And good luck! I will email the lucky family at 10pm Monday New York time .

IMG_2007.JPGto didn’t



Crow is a 8.5′ (approx) Ma petite vie Pip
Shes a little Sullen….The other girls dont quite understand her nor she them…..she dose not quite fit in.
She knows there is a place for her somewhere, with books and stories and quiet corners for her oddness πŸ™‚

Her body is made with hand dyed felted wool,and she wears an upcyled woolen scarf with a shell button. She is stuffed with NZ Wool, her hair is crocheted mohair weft.
Her skin is tricot and embroidered with cotton. Her cheeks have been blushed with pigmented wax.

postage is for tracked and signiture please convo me for for other postage options

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