Fionn – when boys come to stay

Oh we have loved having a wee man about the house!

boys are so different to little girls……I think they may give more cuddles!



We’ve had such an adventure, he shares my love of all insects!, which my husband thinks is odd (it is possibly a little…but I just find all insects amazingly fasinating!)

he found a “sad” moth…aka “dead”, yesterday and lovingly placed it under the rosmary bush so he could “feel better” :/




we’ve climbed mountains, fought battles and sailed  unknown waters, all in our front garden…..its amazing all the things a cardbord box can become with a little imagination!

He has eaten me out of house and home, I now know where the saying ‘hollow legs’ came from!

Tip: new family must have boundless energy!

Fionn is a OOAK 19/20 inch Ma petite vie Cloth doll

Fionn’s tumbled hair is hand wefted and made from mohair locks, crocheted into a mohair cap.
His face is needle sculpted, and hand embroidered with cotton.
His cheeks are blushed with pigmented beeswax.
He is made with pure New Zealand wool, and cotton tricot.
My dolls are firmly stuffed in the imbs with a slightly softer body

Fionn is based on toddler/preschool propotions, he has a neck, belly button on a lovely rounded tummy and a needle felted bottom! (buyer beware this bum will make you want to blow raspberries on it)

Fionns clothing consists of :
Hand knitted dungerees (knitted with Debbie bliss cotton)
Cotton T with wool elbow pads
Fully lined hooded duffle coat
Wool felted boots
Felted wool scarf
Knitted aviator hat
Hand felted conker





Due to Fionn’s hair and small parts he is not recommended for children under 7.

Fionns hair is quite fragile so please be aware before commenting.

If you wish to offer Fionn a home please comment with your pp under this post. Comments made after 5am on Monday the 29th of september will not be entered.

 I will email the lucky Family by 9am EDT Monday 29th of September

In the interests of fairness please only enter once and not ask your friends to enter for you. Please only enter if you intend to offer Fionn a wonderful home and for no other reason.
Good luck! And thank you ❤

Fionn’s price will be $650.00

Fionn increased price is due to the extra cost of hair and knitted items.

postage within Aus: $55.00
International : $95.00

Please allow 5 days for Fion to be posted.

Postage is calculated on express, insured, and tracked. If you require another postage option please pm me.
Eloise xox

Please dont worry if your comment does not show I have marked them as private.

If you are unable to comment for whatever reason (I’ve had issues with mobiles in the past) please pm your entry on FB






4 thoughts on “Fionn – when boys come to stay

  1. fraeuleinen says:

    How nice! I just found your blog via Mariengold dolls. So good! I just started to sew my first doll and love reading all about yours 🙂 Simone

      1. fraeuleinen says:

        Thank you! I I just called my first doll Romy and started to make her some dungarees. It truly seems to be a wonderful journey!

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