Doodle bugs, micro pips and Christmas oh my!

So I’ve been working on a new type of doll 🙂 she’s floppy, weighted and cute as a button! I love my big doll pattern but wanted to make a doll fir smaller hands like my almost three year old poppy aka ‘doodles’ ( a nickname which came from me singing Yankee Doodle to her as a baby…..but replacing Yankee with poppy 🙂 )

I remembered the floopy bears and posable dolls I had as a child,and remembered how much I loved carrying them around.

Anyway I hope you like them …..I will have three up in my shop in the next few weeks x

Soooooooo Christmas is fast approaching I was aiming to make a RTG gal hopefully there is still time….no promises on that one….

Pips ? Micro pips? I hear you cry!? Yes yes fingers crossed! Micro pips for the perfect stocking stuffer and hopefully full grown pips to look after them all!

So much to do! Remember to follow my page on Facebook for all up to date announcements 🙂

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