Hide and seek

This winter I had the pleasure of getting to know a girl called Lexi. Lexi has the softest longest hair of any little bit I know. I just wanted to reach out and stroke it ALL the time….but I didn’t want to scare the poor thing after all 🙂

Her family is swedish but travels a lot, we didn’t have her long, but we would have kept her if we could! Lexi is so calm so gentle but oh so cheeky!

Ok Lexi so I just stand here and count to 10 and you go and hide? Get it?

Yes! She looks up and grins

Ok ready? I close my eyes and start 1, 2,3,4……..10!

I open my eyes….

“Boo!” Lexi cries standing right before me…….

Um that’s not quite the point Lexi, I giggle, you need to hide so I can find you!

“Here I come ready of not!” She yells scuttling off up the stairs.

Who are you looking for ? I yell after her.


Oh no, the last time Lexi played hide and seek with Eeep I didn’t find her for a whole week! ( seems Eeep decided it was safer outside under the chicken shed that time)

So on it went again, no Eeep, not even after a week of searching, Lexi was beside herself…..I didn’t know what to do. Eeep was handmade so it wasn’t like I could just pop to the store one night and hey presto Eeep had returned.
We looked everywhere, we even made signs and posted them to the neighbours, as Eeep was the perfect cat toy size. Nothing.

Weeks turned to months, Lexi developed a habit if checking the mail everyday in case Eeep had actually just run off to a tropical island and had decided to post a postcard..nothing.

We are still very sad about Eeep ….but Lexi is being very brave. She’s on her way to America 😀 her big adventure! So who knows who she will find there.

Please if you ever come across a small pip like creature who answers to Eeep tell her, her family is looking for her ❤














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