Ok so we all have them right? You know! Those friends…the ones who you love like family (sometimes more 😉 )sisters who are everything to you…

That’s these girls, sure they fight sometimes, but that’s ok, because there is love.

I often hear the squeals and rumbling of laughter coming from this gang…mya has a wicked sense of humour which leaves the others in stitches.


Doodles Is fierce in her loyalty for her friends and I think the girls think of her as their protector.


Poppy….she’s the artist, her imagination keeps the girls from sleep most nights, with her stories of mushroom men and their beetles ( that’s a whole other post ).


And darling Abigail, shes so sweet and gentle, and is just so happy to have such wonderful friends.


These girls are young, they are yet to endure, but I know life will be that much richer for each of them because of their bond….and they will always have each other ❤




*Doodles and Abigail have both been given families to live with, the other girls will be looking for homes this week.

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