Lilly stood awkwardly in the doorway, half outside, not quite ready to admit it was all happening.she knew once she took that final step it would be upon her and she would have to face the day. Her knees buckled a little at the thought …… A whole day! Away from what was safe, what she knew!
Clinging her new coat ( one that was especially bought for this exact occasion) she entered the room, just as the loud bbbrrrring! Of the bell sounded.
Whack! Two young boys came flying through the door and sent poor Lilly flying across the room! Lilly opened her eyes to see two rather beautiful shoes dancing on the newly polished parquet floor, a hand extended and picked her up, brushing her down.
A large round and interestingly beautiful face Beaming the warmest, happiest smile lilly had had the pleasure of seeing, spoke ” now there lass! That’s a way to make an impression on your first day!”
A few sniggers sounded from the back of the room.

” that’s enough! I thank you Thomas Jefferson Wallis pike!, And as you seem so eager to get to class this morning you my boy can say and help me over recess”

With a slight twitch to the corner of her mouth the woman directed lilly to one of the spare tables near the radiators looking out of the window.

Lilly hung her new polka dotted coat on the back of her chair and finally breathed for the first time that day.

* Lilly and Thomas Jefferson Wallis Pike, of course, have now become

** lilly left her coat at school 😦 so I will show you tomorrow !









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