Sofia is one of my first wish list dolls, this is where someone has written to me with a set of wishes, should I ever make a doll for them.

Sofia, was for me a challenge to begin with. I knew that I wanted to start to define the lips more and push the sculpting on my dolls faces.
There are a lot of makers doing sculpting and it’s tricky to a) not push the sculpting too far and b) not have your dolls lose your identity in the sculpting.
Sculpting is always a bit of a gamble really, the final face is quite different to the woolly lumps and bumps underneath, so their faces are always a bit of a surprise to me!
Oh and her boots! Boy o boy….I had to take quite a few breathers whilst making those! But I think they really say who Sofia is.


My dolls now are quite removed from my waldorf beginnings and the journey has had it’s ups and downs. But I’m so happy with where my work is right now, I’m still learning and I’m always tweaking things 🙂 I’ve always loved the process of learning and the challenge to create what I see in my head.



My muse is of course, my nearly three year old daughter Poppy.
With most of my dolls I find myself striving to incapsulate every thing a two year old is! The slight bandy legs, her beautifully rounded pot belly which sticks itself out triumphantly when she’s standing. Also the jut of her chin, her rosebud lips, and delightful button nose…..oh and her eyes! The doe like slant, you know the one that you get when they want a carry 😉 So when I work, that’s what I’m aiming for.





I love the work of Elizabeth pongratz who is just the master of carving little children and I pull an awful lot of inspiration from her work.
You can see some of her work here



But mainly I’m just trying to create beings which will be loved, will bring a smile to someone’s face …..and hopefully a little flutter of the heart.

5 thoughts on “Sofia

  1. Julie says:

    She’s amazing Eloise! Your beautiful work and detail are so whimsy yet so lifelike at the same time. I think you captured her perfectly and I can’t wait to squeeze and cuddle all her wooly goodness in my arms! ❤

  2. SOphie says:

    WOW you are a true magician !!! She’s AMAZING and adorable ❤ !!! Your creations are always a masterpiece. You still defines many details and you have a heart to do your best and more every time!!! It is an honor for me to have Effie with me … hoping maybe have one of her little sister one day 😉 BRAVO !!!

  3. Bev says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!!—I love the shoes, the clothes, the expression on her face–what can I say—she is truly a winner!!!

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