What is in a name

I’m always a bit wary of making a character doll, people always have a preconceived idea on how that character should look like as a doll, and can be disapointed at your vision.
Also they can come out a little twee at times and I do try and stay away from twee 😉
The other danger with character dolls is getting the costume right, what suits a full grown woman on screen may not look quite as fabulous on a pint sized dolly!

I studied costume for a time in America and grew up on a heathy diet of bbc costume drama ( a habit which has followed me into adulthood, I thank my mother ) I’ve always adored the quality of these dramas, and Envy the many fabulous artists that brought these costumes to life.

Anyhow like many, I watched, and was glued to outlander ,the amazing scenery, to die for costumes and of course the heart fluttering romance.
I just knew I needed to make a doll related to the series.

I decided to take, inspiration from Claire rather than try and replicate her. I focused on the fabric choices, making sure the textures and colours really evoked her essence, so lots of wool, linen and knits. Claire wears some beautiful pieces thought the series.




I did try and inject a little authenticity with Solace’s under skirts and padded bustle. Claire would have course worn full corsets, this is something I have made in the past ( not for dollies) but I didn’t want Solace to lose her playfulness, and become too serious…if that makes sense.
Claire is also quite pale, Solace is not. I think here I just wanted to accentuate the fact she was different ….I understand claire was portrayed as very pale as to highlight her refined breeding (one won’t get a tan as one does not work the land) ….but again I wasn’t making Claire…I was making a homage to the series really.






And of course you would have noticed I haven’t Called her Claire 🙂 ….well I’m going to sound a little nutty right now I know so bear with me ok?
I was walking out of the studio one evening having been with her all day, I was still struggling with the name claire as it really just wasn’t feeling right, I turned to give her a little look before I left her for the night….and a little voice in my head said “solace” oh I thought, ok, that’s your name is it? Like she had spoken it out loud herself :/
Too much time playing with dolls??? 😉 but I think it perfect for her, although I myself have been referring to her as Sol.






Solace is 20″ tall
She has a lightly sculpted face, ears and a wee belly button.
I used cotton tricot and she is stuffed with wonderful New Zealand wool, her features are embroidered with cotton and her blush is achieved with pigmented wax.
Her hair is 100% mohair weft, crocheted into a mohair cap and securely stitched .

Her underclothes are made from tea dyed cotton, wool and linen. Her over dress is 100% boiled wool lined with cotton.
All knits are alpaca .
Her little boots are made from 100% wool felt and leather.

Solace will be available via Auction on 22.2.2015 starting at 6pm est and running for three hours.
Please follow my facebook page for up to information regarding her Auction.

And if you have not watched Outlander I STRONGLY suggest you do. Tonight. Like maybe even right now 😀

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