Hazel,Birch and the art of hide and seek

Big sisters and small sisters around the world play games and I’m pretty confident hide and seek tops a majority of their lists. Hazel and Birch were no different …..for hours and hours they would play, each revealing in their amazing skills of contortion as they squeezed and smushed themselves into all manner or hidey holes.

Now Birch being a few years older than Hazel was somewhat taller and her choice of places were rapidly disappearing and Hazel was slowly gaining on her current top title on the leader board. But Hazel was such a giggly little thing her covert position was almost always given away by snorts and squeals!

Hazel would spend hours searching for the perfect place where Birch would never find her……


This morning Hazel had noticed she was only one step behind her sister on the leader board ! She had been keeping a very small very secret spot to crawl into for just such an occasion.

She thought no way was Birch ever going to find her! Excitedly as Birch started to count she tiptoed away….

 1…….2…….3……4……..5……..6…….. Oh why does breathing sound so loud thought Hazel….and wondered how long she could hold her breath for…..not very long she realised. Her heart felt like it was beating in her brain! She could hear Birch looking in all the usual places…sighing and ahhhhing as she went.

She was getting closer……oh god she was right there! …….oh no Hazel! Not now!……you see when Hazel got excited and scared she laughed….she just couldn’t help it.

She was holding her hands so tightly over her mouth to stop the sound, she completely lost her balance and tumbled out ! Sprawled on the floor at Birch’s feet.

Whhhhhhaaaaaaa!  Nooooooooo! Shouted Hazel. And refused to get up off the floor! It’s not fair! I fell it doesn’t count!

Birch being the lovely sister that she is, and wanting to avoid a complete and utter meltdown moment from Hazel….smiles and said “yes I’m sure that’s right…..I read that in the rules…..shall we start again?”

I’m sure all sisters are this lovely to each other 😉

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