Kiki is happy…. She just looks grumpy…. But it’s just her resting face 🙂

People say “cheer up love it might never happen!” Kiki is confused… She’s happy! 

I guess she’s a thinker…and when she concentrates she looks grumpy.

People say she should smile more often ‘why thinks Kiki’?  I’m perfectly happy with who I am. And I guess I’m a little grumpy on the outside ! Maybe I should try and smile more…..she thought grumpily 😉







Kiki is a 13″ tall MPV Doodle doll which means she has fabric jointed knees and elbows allowing for more realistic posing.

Her hands and feet are filled with glass micro beads which give the doodles the perfect flop!

Kiki comes with a linen dress that sports a kite flying appliqué motif and cotton underskirt.

She accessories with a wool lace crochet shawl and fabric belt, finished with cute felt boots.

Of course she also has underwear.

Her hair is mohair weft which is crocheted into a cap and sewn on.

Her features have been achieved trough dry needle sculpting and thread sculpting, and highlighted with pigmented beeswax.

Clean New Zealand wool has been used for stuffing and as always I use Swiss cotton tricot.

Kiki will cost $460 U.S. Exclusive of postage.

Postage is around $80 international with insurance. Exact postage will be charged.

If you feel you could offer Kiki the right home please comment below. I have set the comments to private so don’t worry if you can’t see it because I can 🙂

I will close comments on Friday 6pm I will then pick a name and notify you by 9am on Saturday.

Thank you so much for reading! X


2 thoughts on “Kiki

  1. Nicole Benoit says:

    Oh my GOODNESS!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to bring Kiki home! I promise to love her and spoil her and do everything I can to make her smile! Things have been kinda gloomy for me lately and I know she and I could be the bestest of friends and fill that little void that we each have and need. Coco would be besides herself to have a little sister and she would have soooo much fun teaching her all sorts of new and exciting things! Thank you for the chance! Big Hugs!! Xxxx. Nikie

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