So I totally realise ive been missing in action over here on my blog……I have been so busy making my girls i neglected to tell their stories to you…which they do have of course!

I’ve just completed three doodle dolls this week who are all looking for homes this friday.


I had a few stories about these girls as I was stitching them….all involing some mischief or another.
but late last night as I was falling asleep I was suddenly reminded of a childhood visit to ‘toys r us’. Now I can’t have been more than five? ‘toys r us’ had just opened in the UK and it was a big deal.

My Mum and Dad decided to take us for a treat so we could both (my older sister) pick a toy……….needless to say I think the overwhelming experience of all that ‘stuff’ had a complete adverse effect on my normally chilled persona.

I lost it big time.

There was a fight over a stuffed monkey……I found it….my older sister who was monkey obsessed thought I had found it for her and claimed him….I think my Dad ended up leaving the store.

I feel so sorry for my Mum and Dad now, it must have been horrendous! i think i ended up with a metallic blue plastic briefcase (which I actually used and kept for many years…)



Well this is not really the story I wanted to tell lol! I was reminded of a feeling I was walking down the doll aisle and i saw what I believed was the most beautiful doll of all time. I knew I couldn’t buy this doll we had been given strict budgeting guildlines….i can still see his face ….and he was a cloth doll! I had forgotten all about it! I had dreamt of this face night after night after night desperately wishing he would be mine….I never got the doll, and I’m not even sure anyone knew I wanted him so badly….knowing me I just thought he would magically appear at christmas if I wished hard enough!

But last night I realised something….I think ive been trying to make that beautiful doll! and as i looked at those three girls this morning that rush of longing and emotion flooded back to me.




Making dolls gives me that christmas morning feeling like when I was five! and if my dolls can give that feeling to another person, be that an adult or a child…well im happy, because it’s wonderful.



I’ve decided to offer Kiki my grumpy Redhead (a bit like me on the way home from ‘toys r us’) for sale comment style here on my blog I will create a separate post for her where you can offer her a home.


4 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Kinda says:

    My heart goes out to that little overwhelmed girl! What an interesting memory to come floating your way. (Also, I’d sure love to know what the three of them are doing upside-down, in particular why Tosca and Kiki are belly-up, while cheeky Melba is showing us her…. cheeks! 😉)

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