The girl who was safer by the wall

It’s very hard to go anywhere with Suzy, you see Suzy believes she’s only safe with at least one part of her body touching the wall….. It’s a logistical nightmare.

Shopping malls are ok, there’s walls aplenty…. Well we have to take the stairs so I get a bit puffed (escalators tend to be suspended mid room). but the parking lot is another story… Boy oh boy that takes forever.

I’m not sure when it started or why…. She just feels safer there right now. So that’s ok.

I get it, I do. Imagine that feeling of standing in a wide open space…. Like empty Ballrooms, it feels kind of dangerous standing out there, in the middle, all alone. And imagine when you are only 20 inches tall!

 So I live with a line of mucky hand prints all around my house where she touches the walls to move around….and that’s ok. If she feels safe…that’s all I care about.

One day she will take my hand and dance in the middle of the Ballroom with me, I’m sure.



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