I know we all sit in awe of our little ones… Every moment even in their fury we gasp at their power.



We all have strong.

Some lose it along the way, some need to tame it, and others… Well their strong is just hidden a little more deeply than most.

Magdalena’s stong is right here! She shows it every day.


She’s fearless, solid in herself unwavering….. Now don’t get me wrong to be in charge of such a child is not easy.

Life becomes a debate, every angle of every day is questioned, analysed and deemed either welcome or not. No middle ground.


I know it’s wonderful, she will grow to be a strong grounded and capable person. It’s all we want for our children, our girls.

We want them to stand up to fight to shout when something in their world is not right!

We want a future were girls and boys are equally offered the same opportunities. Where our girls won’t take any &-:*#.


So I’m mainly glad strong lives here…. Just maybe not on a Monday morning, before coffee.



Magda is 12″ high she is not jointed like my doodle dolls of the same size. But her hands and feel are weighted.

Her hair is hand dyed teeswater. We visited the beach on holiday and she insisted on having a small  Hair wrap put in !

She’s dressed in a cotton knit tshirt with a linen and leather full skirt.

She has warm walking boots of wool and felt. Oh and a hand knitted alpaca snood.

She of course has underwear 🙂
If you would like Magda to come to stay at your house for as long as you can handle her, her airfare is $490 with a $50 in flight entertainment bill ;).

The first to comment under this post will be her new family and is a brave person indeed!


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