My darling Edith!

With her curly curly hair she races down the stairs at break neck speed.



My yells of course fall of deaf ears, shes already hidden herself away in some cupboard or wardrobe.

Its where she loves to be hidden amongst all the clothes and boxes, she says it’s where her ‘friends’ live.

She is a complete chatterbox with them, I can hear their (one sided) conversations, they have such fun in there. the worlds she creates sound so wonderful. I’m my wardrobe, there is a little girl called Pinkie Lu she has five cats and a toad who all love to sing, it seems “we all like to be beside the seaside” is high on the billboard charts.


The cloakroom has its own inhabitants of owley, uni (a unicorn) and Fred, the dog. I’m never too sure about the story there, but boy they can laugh!


she likes trying on different clothes and often has at least five ‘costume’ changes a day, which sometimes require a little helping hand.




I adore her ability to create her own fun, to imagine a fabulous world of make believe and adventure

its not easy being an only child and I know she needs a large family to help bring her out of herself.

Imagine the fun she could have with sisters and brothers around to enjoy her stories!

Edith will be available in my Indiecart store on Friday 28th of August at 8pm New York time.

She is 20″ high and much like a five year old in appearance, her cheeks have started to smooth out and her jaw is a little longer… Her legs are still a somewhat bandy 😉 and her tummy has a hint of her previous Plumpness.

I really really hope she finds a home that celebrates her for her uniqueness of character and imagination.


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