Customs for me are such a great way to keep my work fresh, someone throws me a curve ball and I’m like ” oh how am I going to achieve this?” They challenge me.

I’ve had my custom list closed for sometime now as I never like to keep a full book and need freedom to pursue my own creative ideas.

I get many requests for custom dolls and it’s always hard to say no …. So that’s why I’m offering this chance :).

For custom dolls I offer a few options.

12″ jointed or unjointed
16″ classic
20″ classic (slender long limbs)
18/20″ toddler style ( slightly chubbier limbs and rounder belly)

This custom spot is for a maximum of three dolls . Each doll will come in a full outfit which generally includes dress or skirt and top, shoes, scarf, underpants. Any further clothing options can be discussed.
Hair can be weft, yarn, or natural locks including alpaca.

Your doll/s will be completed within the next three months so in time for Christmas.

Prices are as follows ( U.S $)
12″ $450
16″ $650
20″ $750
18/20″ toddler $765

Payment for the custom is not payable until the dolls are complete. However if speciality hair is requested this will need to be paid in advance and is not inclusive in the price per say.

So now what do you need to do?
Simple please describe the doll/s you would want us to create together, how would they look? Who do you think they might grow up to be? What do they love? What are their dreams???….. What size? Will they have a brother or sister? It’s endless.
Please include your full name and email address. Entries will be kept private upon request.

Entries are open until Monday morning so it will give you plenty of time to get the keyboard clicking!
I will inform the successful entry within 24 hours of closing the comments.

I very much look forward to hearing everyone’s dream doll and good luck!









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