Luna – Moth girl

No one really remembers the first time she arrived …..she’s been in and out of our summers for a long time, always at night in the shadows, sitting very still, trying not to be seen.

It must have been the girls who first noticed her, they were always discovering things outside, most made me shriek, like the ‘past its use by date’ stag beetle….and the now slightly flattened and dried frog. But Luna, well she made me gasp! I’d never seen a moth girl before, I mean I didn’t even know they existed until now! We named her Luna after her giant silk moth who clings to her skirt like a shy toddler.



Her alabaster skin radiates the moonlight, her hair soft, like velvet. 

She likes the warm balmy nights of summer, where she’s outside and free. 


I wonder if she can fly?.

She can’t talk and never takes any food I leave her, 

Although she doesn’t talk to us, she hums when she thinks we can’t hear her, a sweet lamenting song of wishes and dreams. 

Often at night she will sit outside the bedroom window and listen to our stories, I know she’s there from the gentle tap, tap, of her fingers on the window, intrigued by the lights.


Gently she hovers by the door or open window … Never coming in, the girls brought her in once, coaxed her in…..she ran around bumping into the furniture like she was about to be crushed by the ceiling! So now we happily leave her where she belongs.
The girls spend hours just staring at her beauty, careful not to touch her.

When the first chill moves through the air we know it’s her time and soon we will miss her.

I’ve no idea what she does over the colder months, hides?, Sleeps?, maybe they have families they winter with?, I mean they must have kin…unless she’s magic ?


But I do know as our days grow longer and the pollen floats through our sky, our little moth girl will return. And once again my balmy evenings will be filled with the familiar fluttering of her tapping on my window.



Luna is a very slim 21″
She has been made using needle felting techniques, her head, tummy, knees and bottom have all been needle felted.
Luna’s neck can be gently posed.
Her eyes are embroidered with 100% silk thread , and her face has been blushed with pigmented beeswax.
Her amazing hair is made from the softest mohair locks ( I’ve really never felt anything like them) which I wefted and crocheted into a mohair cap.
Luna is of course made from Swiss cotton, and beautiful New Zealand wool.
She comes dressed in :
*Merchant and mills cotton and jersey shirt with a cashmere neckline, back fastening
*Linen cross over dress : Vintage buttons, hand dyed silk ribbon, hand dyed felt
*Knitted and crocheted Debbie bliss mohair yarn scarf with hand sewn seed bead detail
*Stone linen bloomers
*Cashmere and velvet boots, with seed bead detail
*Knitted alpaca hat with button fastening
*Linen and cotton moth (made using willoynn pattern) the moth can be removed and worn as a brooch.
If you feel that Luna is kin and you wish to offer her a place please comment below ( you will not be able to see other comments as I have set the comments to private, only you and I will be able to see your comment). Please leave your pay pal as I will send the winner an invoice .
Luna’s price is $1100 U.S , shipping will be approx $80 U.S her price is reflective of the amount of extra work I’ve put into Luna’s extras and how incredibly special she is to me.
Comments will be kept open for 24 hours from now 3.30pm New York time 12th of November.
It breaks my heart to see her go, but I know she will be well looked after X
*Luna is not a toy for young children, she was made and intended for a collector.

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