Ava and the golden river

 We had such a wonderful afternoon, Ava and I. It was hot, the Australian sun is not forgiving and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and restless. On these days Ava knew the best of places to be.   

We rambled through tall grasses, one eye on the path and another looking for any beasties likely to take us by surprise in the undergrowth.


It was magical in the forest, the wrens moved from bush to bush singing in their little chatter, oblivious of our presence.

Ava told me the stories of the old ones. How the spirits still shadow those who visit, whispering the tales of the land. 

There’s gold in the river she said , it glistens in the sand calling you in…. Fools gold they call it, for it has trapped many a fool.



We stopped and rested from the heat, the air felt like treacle and left you exhursted. 

But this was Ava’s home she knew every inch of the forest… And it felt like it knew every inch of her. They were one and belonged.


As my toes sank into the soft sand and I felt the cool water lapping around my knees I felt at peace.

The twinkle of gold surrounded us, accompanied by the soft sound of the Forrest.

I never wanted to leave , I breathed every second in, the magic was everywhere and was invading me.

Ava smiled.


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