Christmas is by far my favourite holiday, being British I grew up with cold crisp winters, and the occasitional White Christmas .

Oh boy have my Christmas’s changed! Gifts of slippers and warm socks have been replaced with flip flops and sun hats!

It took me a long time to adjust and went through a period of morning each year for my childhood Christmas……….

I missed the colours of Christmas mainly….everything looks so bright! It was dark by 3.30 in the afternoon in winter so the twinkling lights glittering off the many shiney ornaments added to the magic of it all.

I miss it. With all my heart I miss the cold, the romance of it all…..

Bay is born from my memories.

Fluffy Christmas slippers….warm scarfs, fire cracker hair.

This Christmas I get to share with a three year old! And are we excited! Of course her future memories will be filled with warm sunny days, juicy fresh fruit, and Father Christmas ditching the raindeer for kangaroos.

These last few Christmas have been wonderful being a mum to a small and particularly wonderful child, new memories and traditions are forming for our little family.

So I guess Bay is my way of putting all these wonderful memories and moments into one place where they can be loved, and celebrated while I move forward .

Ok so I may have not left everything behind, I may still on occasion turn the aircon on full and make everyone sit down to a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings….you can take the girl out of Britain !

It would be lovely if Bay ended up somewhere freezing cold! It would be like she was living a parallel life and enjoying the charms of winter at Christmas for me!

So I hope when you see Bay you are reminded of that magic, of those wonderful moments of your childhood when everything had possibility , Of when Father Christmas really existed .

Of open fires , mince pies, that excruciating wait to open the presents that had been calling you from the base of the Christmas tress for weeks! The aticipation of wondering if you will indeed get that one amazing present.

Of card games in the evening, eating until you couldn’t move.

Of love, and awe.

Bay is all of these things and more to me. So please take care of her, show her the magic!

Bay is a 20″ slim style MPV dolly:)

She is made from lovely NZ wool which has been dry needle felted to form her facial features and parts of her body like her belly and bottom. Her eyes are embroidered with cotton and her cheeks blushed with pigmented beeswax.

She has little ears, and a small neck which can be gently posed.

Her hair is wefted mohair which is attached with a crochet cap, this hair is great as it is pretty robust and can be handled and styled.

She wears

A front fastening cotton lawn green underdress

A felted wool grey over skirt with leather braces ( purple vintage buttons, merchant and mills linen pocket detail. Hand dyed silk ribbon trim)

Fully lined pin cord coat

Hand dyed felted woven wool booties

Up cycled wool leg warmers

Alpaca lace knit scarf


Bay will also travel with a small Christmas gift from me!


So if you would like to offer Bay a place in your lives please comment here.

If you are nervous or unable to post to the blog also feel free to pm me through my Facebook page.

All entries must include your name and a PayPal email.

Bay’s price is $1100 u.s and shipping will be approx $80 international, $40 domestic.

Now Bay has left it a little late to be able to make it for Christmas dinner so please can you save a plate for her?!

I will pick a name from random and send through an invoice which is payable within 12 hours. I will pick a name on Monday 6 pm est.

Bay is a collectors doll but would also suit an older child who still loves dolls. Due to small parts I don’t recommend my dolls for younger children.

Thank you! Oh and in case you have just happened upon this blog and have no idea…I live in Australia, hot hot but wonderful Australia !



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