As I’ve said before I get a kick out of custom work 🙂 it helps feed my imagination and sends me down paths I had not thought (or was too scared to go) I find if I’ve not done a custom in a while my work can border on safe (well for me anyway 😉

As an artist my main passion is trying to push boundaries, I mean I know that in the ‘art’ world my humble dollies are not going to be setting the world on fire and I’m not doing anything groundbreaking ! But for me the thrill of pushing myself and being able to actualize my visualization is immensely satisfying.


When my customer asked for an Asian doll I was a little nervous, I knew straight off I didn’t want to produce a generic Asian looking doll. The Asian continent has such a diverse culture. Each country within Asia looks as different as the Europeans do to each other. I mean if I said to someone create an American doll….. ! Gosh that could look like anyone!

So I wanted to focus on one country and try and encapsulate them in my little doll. We chose Japan.

My customer and I agreed to stay away from traditional dress (thank goodness! Not only can it look really twee …. Can you imagine making a mini kimono! )

I took my inspiration with my choice of fabrics from the rich Japanese paintings of deep fuchsia and teal.

Her skin is kept purposely pale (it’s amazing how fair Japanese skin can be) as I wanted to nod towards the geisha. 
Now the eyes were so difficult to get right. Japanese people especially women have the most amazing eyes ! Like almonds and so big! (I spent many an hour looking at some pretty amazing looking people on google lol). 
Anyhow here’s a little story I wrote with Nori I hope you enjoy it <3.


Nori would sit patiently on the window looking out over her neighbors gardens. Mrs. Habi next door who’s pond was full of toads, they would croak and creek all night! Mrs. Habi told everyone that they were a plage! And she didn’t know how to start getting rid of them. But Nori knew her secret, like she knew many of her neighbors. Mrs. Habi would creep out late in the evening and chat to her friends in the pond. She would talk to them like family for hours, she would feed them and sometimes sing along to their songs. Nori would not tell a soul. She liked seeing Mrs. Habi happy.

Behind lived the Coats family, they had the most amazing garden. The kids made Dens and played space ship alien tree (that was their favorite ) Nori wished someday when she was not as shy and could yell “hey there ! Hi! I’m up here! I think you guys are great , I’d love to play in your garden with you!?” But she never did.
She found that she had this special skill of keeping completely still, so still no one saw her. First a few ants would busily crawl over her hands and feet without a bye nor leave. But then bigger and more timid animals and birds would use her shoulder as they would a branch. She saw such beauty from her little spot high above the others…… day she might say hi, one day.



2 thoughts on “Nori

  1. SOphie says:

    Lovely, she looks incredible. She is so perfect! You have amazing talent this creation are a treasure! Every time, I’m in love with your creations!!! I feel so thankful to have one of your creation with me. Thank you so much for sharing your “petite vie” with us, and make me dream with your pieces of art!!

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