Cecily has no brothers or sisters to play with, but it’s ok she’s good at making her own fun.Her imagination was made all that little bit wilder by her solitude.

Whole kingdoms and worlds have been built in our garden, and along the main corridor to Cecily’s bedroom. Princes have been saved from the terrible dragon by the strong and noble princess. Babies are looked after, and put to bed ( if only in reality they went to sleep as quick)

In fact Cecily’s imagination was such, that she became so deeply engrossed in her realities that sometimes she forgots whatis in actual fact real.
Poor love has been curled up on my lap bawling her eyes out over some monster, or bad fairy which might get her in the darkness of her room…

At one point it looked like Blackpool illuminations in her room at night. We had the fairy lights above her bed, then the side lamp on, also the hallway lights and then a small lamp beside the door, just in case.
I tried so hard to explain that these things she dreamt up were not real and that she was safe and nothing was going to hurt her. But she just looked at me with big eyes, bottom lip out…so I just hugged her instead.

Her nighttime dreams were just as vivid, the amazing fantastical tales she tells me at 2am when her shouts had woken me. Not all were bad, In fact some were so wonderful I was jealous that mine were so dull! 
So maybe she will end up with sisters, or brothers, or both? I hope so…but if not I know that she has plenty of friends to play with in that little head of hers and she will be just fine.

 I also know how extraordinary she is and will be, her mind will grow and blossom and I can’t wait to see where she ends up x
If you think you can keep the night terrors away from Cecily’s door and can cope with the odd sleepless night then please send an email to mapetitevie@hotmail.co.uk. ***entries are now now closed***
Cecily comes dressed in 

  • A bamboo jersey top with button and snap fastenings at the back,
  • linen bubble pants with cashmere leg and waist bands,and pockets with silk trim.
  • Jersey and velvet knickers, 
  • Hand knitted wool shawl, 
  • Wool boots with cotton trim and leather tassel detail.

She is made with pure New Zealand wool and cotton tricot. Her features have been carefully sculpted using dry needle felting and stitching. Her embroidered eyes are French silk thread in a dark steel grey.

Pure pigmented beeswax has been used to blush her cheeks and lips ( some will be enclosed in her first aid kit for reapplication if needed).

Her neck can be gently moved as it has an internal armature structure, I love how a slight angle of the head can change the mood of a doll in a second, such fun to play around with.

Her hair is hand wefted mohair locks that have been crocheted into a cap and then sewn onto the head. You can finger comb the hair and style gently.

Cecily is approximately 20″ tall and costs $1100 U.s. Postage international is approximately $90 depending on the method chosen , domestic within Australia is about $30.

***entries are now closed***

If more than one person offers Cecily a home I will draw a name from a hat the good old fashioned way 🙂 please email me at mapetitevie@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested. Entries will be kept open for 24 hours and then I will email the lucky family :).
I say this often and I hope my sincerity comes across, but I am thankful everyday to everyone who comments, likes, shares, and of course buys my work. Many many hours of love and hard work goes in to each creation and it amazes me each day that you make it possible for me to do what I do. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx



8 thoughts on “Cecily

  1. Betsy Martin says:

    I love her so much!
    She is precious and beautiful.
    Exquisite creation!
    I hope she will come to live with me!

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