This is Rosie, she’s very special.



Well she’s special to me, as she marks such a triumph. She came about through many weeks of sewing, and stuffing, and rolling and felting….just like many of my dolls…but with Rosie’s encouragement, we finally got there!




I’ve wanted to make a doll with moveable limbs for such a long time, about the time  I started making the doodle dolls. But it is a luxury to be able to use your time for personal development and I’ve been so busy creating these little beings that it was always pushed to one side.


Rosie 7


I will have to say the process was hard, I knew exactly what I needed to do in principe, but actually being able to make it work was something different entirely!




I will admit i made poor Rosie blush with my frustration (and a few choice words). Rolling limbs is not for the faint hearted , let alone with added armature. But I am over the moon that I stuck with it.


I guess I’m going to describe her as semi armature as I still wanted the rag doll flop (as I call it) i didn’t want her to become less cuddly, and feel stiff.

So she maintained the soft joints of my dolls at the tops of the legs and arms, but with the added bonus of being able to bend her knees and elbows, just like her neck (my dolls have armature necks for over a year)

The next three photos demonstrate what a slight movement to the head can do to convey the personality of a doll.





Just little movements, but they make such a difference I believe .




So now wonderful Rosie can sit on a chair! and stand with her hands on her hips! lol (just like another little girl I know)

Rosie 5

When it came to making clothes for Rosie I just couldn’t help myself! I had just bought the Winterludes shawl pattern, and was itching to give it a go! I think it turned out wonderful.



Rosie chatted away, stipulating she would need this and that…. and what if they went walking in the country!? she would surely need a warm coat. and what if the sun came out? well a nice linen jumper would be just perfect. So you see I didn’t really stand a chance.


Rosie is 20′ high and as stated it semi posable, her body has been needlefelted as has her face. And she had the cutest knees!

She comes with a wonderful selection of clothing that any dolly would be envious of!

  • 100% wool  hand knitted beret.
  • 100% wool hand knitted shawl (pattern by Winderludes doll) with wooden pin for securing.
  • merchant and mills linen jumper dress, with leather and button detail.
  • cotton underskirt with hand dyed vintage lace.
  • cotton t-shirt hand dyed.
  • velvet pants.
  • mohair ballet top hand knitted.
  • fully lined pin cord swing coat, with leather and buckle fastening.
  • repurposed wooden socks.
  • felted woven wool boots.
  • Cotton briefs.


Due to Rosie’s complexity and uniqueness her fee is $1450 U.S Which will be approx $60 for international.

If you feel that Rosie would be welcome in your home please let me know at

This listing will be live for 24 hours once published and if more than one family wish to own Rosie I will pick a name from a hat.

Thank you and good luck!





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