Time to play!

I’ve been making Dolls as my main profession for over four years now,. There have been many changes in my work, the most recent being the introduction of more defined features with needle felting. I’ve loved the journey and adore creating little faces.
I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to make Doll’s and people actually want them!

Anyhow, I’ve decided to reflect on my work and am releasing a classic play doll collection. These dolls will differ from my sculpted dolls and will be offered at a different price point.

The dolls will have a more traditional Waldorf head but still with my signature look, hair will be either weft or yarn, and clothing will be simple but elegant.

The purchaser will then have the opportunity to request further clothing from a pre-made selection, if that suits their budget.

These dolls will not be offered as customs and will only be available as ready to go creations :).

I will, of course, still be creating my sculpted dolls and these will still constitute my main body of work. I’m hoping that this collection will mean that my dolls are able to be welcomed in to more families and into tiny loving arms.

Darling Gwynn will be available via my  Store Tomorrow at 7.30 pm New York time.

I hope you all as excited about her as I am ❤


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