Niamh, redheads in pink!

Hello hello! It’s been so long since I posted on my blog (embarrassed face) 

In all honesty I have written several posts, but for some reason or another I’ve not made them public.

I made a wonderful brother and sister set…..but everything I wanted to write about this duo fell short and my words felt empty. I still have my many many drafts so hopefully soon I find my voice where it comes to these two!

And then there was Connie , I’m actually half way through telling you about her , but Niamh literally burst through the door and wouldn’t let me stop until she was finished so has taken every free second I have!

So here she is! All 21 inches of loveliness !

I adore the process of creating, I actually seem to have a little love affair with each new doll I make. I begin with a vague idea of what she will be become,  This of course is always the hardest part so I normally start with their heads. This stage is so exciting!

We then go through a rough patch, one of self doubt and frustration. I spend hours lamenting on my lack of skill etc etc. I get frustrated that what I imagined is not quite what is in fount of me. 

I then normally take a little break, like a few days 🙂 I keep walking into my studio and staring at her…trying to figure her out. Then I realise that she is totally the way she is supposed to be. Then I start to fall in love with the slightly off centre grin…..her slightly bigger than normal nose…and I come to realise these are her best qualities !

And that’s it , I’m in love and I feverishly work on getting her complete and showing her off , because to me she’s perfect ❤

Niamh is 21″ tall, which sounds crazy large I know , but because my pattern is fairly lithe she really seems very petite.

I’ve used Angora weft for her hamazing hair , which I then dyed myself to archive this wonderful rich auburn, having dyed the hair I had to scarificice a little of the softness as this is lost in the process, but I think this colour was totally worth it!

I use dewitt tricot to cover her with as I adore the fine texture it creates, her face is then blushed with pigmented beeswax and just the right amount of  freckles . Her face is sculpted using needlefelted wool, her neck as alway is amiture, giving you freedom to pose her head realistically .

I made her a few outfits before I found her perfect style, and I just love redheads in pink!

So she wears , a cotton jersey shirt which snap fastens at the back.

 A lace knit shawl with leaf pattern border and a little flower fastener.

Hand dyed bamboo muslin underskirt with French velvet trim.

Washed denim jersey under skirt with velvet waistband.

Her boots are made with Corresponding velvet 

She of course also has underwear;)

Oh and her hat! How could I forget her wool pom-poms hat!

I also have a second outfit which will be avalible to purchase if you so wish.

Her fee is $1100 usd ex postage. 

Postage international ranges from $60 to $110 depending on what method you choose.

If you feel that you would like to offer my darling Niamh a home please email me at or contact me via my fb page. I will keep offers open for 24 hours and then if more than one family wishes to have her I will randomly pull a name from a hat!

Thank you so much for reading ❤ Niamh will be my last sculpted doll for a wee while as I head over to England in August to catch up with family and probably do a shop!!!!!! Oh those beautiful European fabrics and notions!
Eloise xoxox 


4 thoughts on “Niamh, redheads in pink!

  1. Shannon Rosenberg says:

    I love your Niamh, especially as she is a redhead. I too am a redhead, You need never doubt yourself as you are so creative and all the dolls you make are beautiful. I just wish I could afford to buy one, but you never know, one day!! Have a lovely day and keep on creating! Love Shannon

    1. mapetitevie19 says:

      Thank you Shannon ❤ my little girl has red hair so I just adore it! I'm currently making some play dolls which are a lower price point so keep your eyes out xx and thank you xxx

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