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Have you seen the wide-eyed wonder, and drank it in?

the excitement over hailstones the size of a ball,

its infectious


some days we forget


but the small stuff matters

little minds

need filling

so today I look at the simple

the mundane

and celebrate it

in wide-eyed wonder


She stands looking at me waiting for my answer, its been a long line of questions today, most of which I’ve failed miserably in giving a truthful answer that she can understand.


Little minds jump from subject to subject as quick as a flash! just as I’ve read up enough on why crows are black, and why is the sky blue, she’s moved on! I can’t keep up.


I swear she knows way more than me, and it’s really her entertainment to see me squirm for the correct answer.


But she’s doing what children do best, shes making me look at the small things, understand I don’t know as much as I think, and strive to do better.


Children make us better people.

We try to teach them to be kind, help people, be a good person.

And in turn it reminds us that we are not always the best we could be.



So next time when her little han d reaches for mine and she’s asked me why?

for the twentieth time, I will take a deep breath and I will give the best answer I can muster!


Amélie is a 21″ Natural fiber art doll,

Her features have been firmly needle felted, and defined with cotton stitching. her eyes have been embroidered with french silk thread.

Pigmented beeswax is used to blush and define her facial features.

I use lovely clean wool which has been processed in Nepal through a woman empowerment collective. (they make some amazing dolls themselves and many wool related products).

Amélie’s neck is armature so can be lightly posed for a more realistic stance.

She has little ears 🙂 a bottom and a wee belly button. knobbly knees and pointy elbows !

Her hair is wefted mohair, crocheted into a mohair yarn cap. Her hair can be brushed and styled just like real hair.

She wears

  • A mohair crocheted hair net ( virus shawl pattern, its pretty awesome)
  • European double gauze dress with Vintage hand-made buttons (it took a lot for me to part with these buttons, I bought them over a year ago from a vintage button shop, there were only four and each one is different). the dress also has very cute butterfly sleeves made from vintage embroidered fabric.
  • Paper flowers for her hair
  • Her under-skirt is made using indian hand printed cotton from the fabulous Merchant and mills in Rye.
  • A knitted mohair long cardigan (not pictured, but will add a pic asap!)
  • She has grey cotton socks, and hot pink felt boots! because, well who doesn’t love hot pink boots!?
  • Of course she has underwear !

Each MPV doll comes with their own dust bag, and a cute little repair kit!

Her fee is $1100 ex postage which can be as little as $30 depending which method you choose.

If you think you have the answers to Amélie’s many, many questions please contact me at or PM me through my Facebook page. I will keep offers open until tomorrow and then if there is more than one offer I will pull a name randomly from a hat.

Good luck!

Eloise xoxoxoxox








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