Welcome to the little world of my darling Harriet, we’ve been friends now for a little while, she’s been fluttering in my mind’s eye for quite some time.

Harriet you see is fae, and can do all the wonderful things we expect from such magical creatures!



She has a wand (well its a training wand….but we don’t dwell on such things!) and with that wand Harriet can magic the leaves from the brightest green to the richest red. being a training wand she does have some limitations, and Harriet is forbidden from using any such frivolity on herself.


Most days are spent on her chores….even with magic a faeries day is a long one!

She employs the help of the bugs and Beetles, butterflies and birds. As they go about their day they chatter and chirp and teach her their songs. This of course makes the days pass more joyfully than they would have been.

Around her neck, kept safe and snug are Harriet’s most wonderful and special things, each magical and powerful. The morning dew from the fig tree that stands like a Centurion at the rear of the garden, the smallest of smallest shells, which was gifted to Harriet last christmas from the shed elf (yes there are such things!) various pollen and nectar needed for her to work her magic. these things are all stored close at hand.




Harriet was as happy as any ordinary fae could be, she had friends and people visited her often, however if you look closely you might notice Harriet was not quite like the others.

for Harriet was missing something very important.

At first you probably wouldn’t notice for they are so pretty and delicate, but Harriet’s are not actually wings at all. Harriet came into being without any wings, the fae are never quite sure why it happens, but from time to time it just does. And even with all the magic they could want at their fingertips the fae are unable to use this gift on each other , so Harriet remained wingless.


She longed for a very long time to know what it felt like, of course for many years she was ferried to and fro. But there came a time when she preferred to walk on her own two feet then feel like a passenger. It of course took her much longer and most events were half over by the time she arrived. But she had arrived in her own speed.

Now one day Harriet was busy picking the prettiest mushrooms (she loved the velvety soft pink underbelly of the newly unfolded babies) and she came across the most delicate and prettiest of fabrics! it was old, she was sure of it, and had the loveliest embroidered roses! and the light shone through just enough that the detail didn’t disappear.

Harriet had often marvelled at the beauty of her fellows wings, and these beautiful scraps of linen filled her with the same awe! Harriet was beginning to have an idea….

Over many nights and with much dedication and with no magic, Harriet made herself her very own pair of marvellous wings!



Now she’s not dared try them yet, I’m sure they will work, she just needs to build the courage to try. And I’m sure she will, soon. or maybe really deep down Harriet loves being different more than she would love to fly!

But in the meantime Harriet is enjoying the pretty wrings she alone made for herself.


Harriet is a custom dolly for a very sweet lady and I’m sure many many adventures await!



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