Irenee was a fidgety child, she could never sit still, not even for a minute. You see there was so much to do and see in the world she spent a lot of time worried she might miss it! she was all bendy legs and fiddle thumbs.
I guess I should have known that it would be like this, with her hair ( I mean just LOOK at her hair) no-one with that hair could possibly be anything other than a free spirit.
It is cold today, unseasonably so for this part of the world. Irenee was trying ever so hard to convince me that if she wrapped up warm enough she would be fine outside. I said no, so now I have a not so happy girl around the house who’s climbing the walls!
“Tell me a story!” she demanded, “one with adventure, and girls just like me!”
She sat, waiting…..its a tall order for you are so unique my little red-head! . So I decided to tell her a little tale of today, one I hope will be retold for many years to come. Its one of strong and stoic woman all over the world who decided today was their day. Where millions gathered to say they won’t be kept quiet.
By the end of my story she was on her feet!
and that was it for the rest of the day, she was marching about the house, singing, being loud, dancing and being her!
she marched so much her little feet hurt and she needed a rest, but she excitedly told me of her grand plans for the afternoon. A special dance routine was to be choreographed, and I too had to learn the steps!
we had a slight mishap on a double free spin…
But we got there!
and all through it we chatted about all the things she was going to do when she was old enough, and we decided she could do anything her hearts desired!

So here is my Mightly girl.                                                                       

Irenee is 20 inches high, she is made with a new pattern of mine and soft jointed at the elbows, shoulders, tops of the legs and knees. This allows for free movement and the most amazing floppy doll! I had a floppy doll as a child and can still remember how she felt in my arms.

She also has armature in her neck which allows posing.

She has the most amazing hair, Like nothing I have ever worked with. Its Alpaca so delicate treatment is needed, but I’ve been styling her hair quite often the past few weeks and it’s still like new. It will shed a little when brushed, as with all alpaca, but honestly I think this is the most amazing hair EVER!

She has green eyes, and a light splattering of freckles (which are applied with a fade/water-resistant acid free pigmented ink pen). Her cheeks and lips have been blushed with pigmented beeswax, oh and her knees also!


She wears

Cotton underpants.

Wrap around linen dress with silk ribbon front closure. The dress also has a little flower detail at the hem.

Cotton gauze skirt with vintage lace trim.

Woven polka dot poncho with leather and shell button fastener.

Woolen lace knitted shawl.


Suede loafers.

Knitted aviator hat with shell buttons.

I’ve been a bit stumped when it came to pricing Irenee…so i’ve decided to leave it up to you. She will be listed as MMAO With a base offer at $1100.00 U.S , If you feel you would like to offer Irenee a home where the world is full of choices please message me at or alternatively contact me via my facebook page.

If you would like to discuss possible payment options you can also contact me at the above places.

I will leave offers open until tomorrow evening 6pm 24th jan (Melbourne time). If she has had more than one offer and everyone has offered her base price then I will pick at random.

Postage with insurance from Australia can cost around $80-$100 depending on destination.

Thank you! x

(I’m hoping secretly she has no offers and I will just have to keep her!)





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