Hello to all waldorf mama,

I would like to share with you, my wonderful experiance that I had to work with Eloise.
She’s concerned for all the details and wants to please her customers in her adventures to create beautiful dolls, as an accomplice. It was a real pleasure to work with her throughout the project process.
This has given rise to a extraordinary doll, she’s my best so far, she’s perfect!!! We can see that everything has been chosen with care. Fabrics , hair are high quality and so beautiful . We discover all the little touches that Eloise has to give them. Effie and beans arrived at home, in Nunavik carefully packaged in a bag that smelled of lavander with a card that gave off a lot of love!!! I hope to have a other chance to have “Ma petite vie” with me again!!!

Eloise has nimble fingers and great creative ideas to give life to her masterpieces in her little fairytale of “Ma petite vie”.
You must continue your amazing work Eloise, its makes me feel good and I enjoy Effie every day.
Nakurmiiik (thank you in Inuktittut 😉 ) !!!

SOphie, maman of Effie and Beans 😊


4 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Lucy Speed says:

    I have one of these dolls. Maggie. She is so beautifully made. And her clothes are stunning. She arrived with her little dancer companion and both were in a beautiful handmade dust bag. She also had a wonderful first aid kit including some blush for her cheeks. It is all so charming and enchanting. Te quality astounding and I am sure my little girl will treasure her forever as will generations after her. She is a magical addition to the family. Thankyou Ma Petite Vie xx

  2. Angela says:

    I am beyond excited, waiting for Emma to arrive. I know that Darcey will adore her. Whilst we just have photos, not the real thing, I have absolutely no doubts that this gift will be an exquisite life long treasure for one very special little girl.

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